• Tallinn Airport

    Tallinn airport – small but hard-working


    Tallinn airport becomes a cosy home! One place that is certainly not to be missed at the airport is the library. It is obviously not the first of its kind in the world, but many visitors …

  • Movie Night teambuilding event

    “Movie Night” team building event in Riga, Latvia


    An exciting team building event that will promote team collaboration, friendliness and cooperation, and offer an escape from the daily routine. The event requires teamwork for acting, scriptwriting, scene-setting and filming, and then the grand …

  • teletorn

    New attraction at the Television Tower – the EdgeWalk


    The Television Tower has opened a new and extreme attraction, the EdgeWalk, around the edge of the roof of the observation platform. Up to four people at a time can complete a full tour around …

  • Key to Riga

    Key to Riga – a new restaurant with ancient traditions in the old city of Riga


    A new restaurant with ancient traditions has opened this year to bring alive the majestic ancient Riga traditions of hospitality and cookery. The menu at the Key to Riga contains dishes like Key to Riga, …

  • Burlesque_Riga

    Cabaret comes back to Riga in the Burlesque


    The cosy stage of the Cabaret Burlesque is a beating heart in the night life of Riga. Enjoy the bright and vibrant atmosphere of Burlesque, with performances by Bon Ton and Secrets of Burlesque, in …

  • Gamtos_perlas_facade

    Gamtos Perlas hotel – a gateway to peace and quiet


    The new Provencal-style hotel Gamtos Perlas stands in open country near the Baltic Sea in Karklė, between Klaipėda and Palanga. Staying in one of 15 cosy, stylish, comfortably fitted rooms, you can enjoy the comfort …