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A licensed operator has an obligation to have the necessary anti-money laundering procedures in place, including conducting a source of funds investigation, politically exposed person checks, suspicious activity reporting, etc. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that such measures and procedures are working and that they are sufficient to comply with applicable legislation and regulations. Applying to renew an existing licence is more or less the same process as applying for a licence for the first time in regard to the corporate and financial part. Because of the technical change management system of the Danish Gambling Authority and the regular reporting requirements on technical issues, the renewal process is almost entirely focused on financial and corporate matters. The fee for an application to renew an existing licence is 116,900 kroner for a single licence and 146,200 kroner for a double licence.

They usually post the information considering the upcoming tourneys in the news section on the sites. For players that reside in Denmark, diverse payment methods are available for funding and withdrawal from online gambling accounts. The online payment interfaces are user-friendly with no limitation and all transfer methods are accepted. As a rule, marketing of licensed games is accepted under Danish gambling legislation.

Our top-rated slot casino is EU Casino, it is the right casino for players to visit to have the best of what slot games offer. According to figures released by the DGA, a sum total of 24 operators were blocked from accessing the Danish market due to lack of proper licenses. 2017 saw a total of 27 licenses online casinos operating in Denmark and 15 licenses sports betting sites. To bring players to services, casino site operators go above and beyond when it comes to bonuses and promotions.

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These measures aim to safeguard Danes from black-label operators and ensure their safe and pleasurable pastime on the gambling platforms. Can you imagine an eminent online casino without a vast selection of gaming machines, i.e., slots as modern punters call them? Top-ranked Denmark online casino companies offer 200+ slots to gamers at any taste. Contemporary users are no longer satisfied with only ‘Three Fruit Win’ slot machines; they want more complicated and thrilling options to play LIVE. On 4 June 2010, the new Gambling Act was passed unanimously in the Danish parliament, and the Act entered into force on 1 January 2012.

Sports Betting And Online Casino Helps Growth Of Danish Revenue

Free admission into the casino may occur between 3pm and 5pm if one desires to play with machines and the auto-roulette games, with the live games opening up slightly later at 7pm. The casino itself includes nine tables, several of which host poker tournaments on Fridays & Saturdays. There are also 50 slot machines, on which the top Danish Casino Jackpot of 2 million DKK can be won. Last year, Denmark’s gross gambling revenue was DKK 6.75 billion (€907.2m). If a player happens to win an approved game or lottery , they do not have to pay tax on the winnings.

Consequently, there is no licence granted to manufactures or software suppliers, as it is the licensed operator’s sole responsibility to secure 100 per cent compliance throughout the entire supply chain. Similar criteria are applied when considering an application for a licence to operate slot machines. Any other game, including poker, can only be offered by the land-based casino if an additional approval has been granted by the Danish Gambling Authority to the casino. For a land-based operator, all personnel involved in the gambling operation must, as a main rule, be approved in writing by the Danish Gambling Authority. Part of the approval proceeding is a thorough background check of the person in question. The approval is considered a personal licence as such, but resembles a premises licence in many ways.

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In gambling arcades, no other games or business activity other than gambling machines may occur. It is only permitted to sell sweets, snacks and drinks on a limited scale, and it is prohibited to sell hard liquor (liquor with alcohol of 2.8% volume or more). Please note that certain specific requirements apply to gambling arcades.

  • The registration of the gambling company and obtaining a license will cost no less than € 330,430.
  • The most famous is the Casino Copenhagen, which as you can guess is located in the centre of the capital city, followed by the Casino Marienlyst which we have already mentioned.
  • This provides the ball player time to hit the jackpot that contains a tremendous amount of money.
  • Also, the various online banking systems based on NemID are widely used in Denmark for deposits and withdrawals.

Sports-themed games are a particular favourite of many online casino players. These games are fairly similar to classic slots, but they contain sports themes that appeal to folks who enjoy sporting events. This is especially crucial during the off-season for sports fans who are looking for alternative hobbies to keep the competitive thrill going. The country is among the few European nations to have a successful formula in regulating online gambling, which is evident from gross gaming revenues released by Spillemyndigheden or Danish Gaming Authority . In the fourth quarter of 2016 the gross gaming revenue for online betting was 356 M DKK or 64.5% of the betting market. Overall, Denmark’s gambling market gross gaming revenue recorded DKK8.9 billion in 2016, which was a 6% rise from the previous year.

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Last but not least it is also a good idea to do a background check on the company, to find out where it is registered and who is behind it and if they are publicly traded or not. To save your time you can find all this important information by visiting online casino guides. Thus, it is possible to maintain the anonymity and privacy of company owners licensed in most offshore jurisdictions where we work. There is no question that gamblers are flocking to online gambling sites in record numbers.