Mobile Exit Room


You are walking in a forest with your friends and for a surprise you see a summer cottage on wheels. Open door attracts your attention and suddenly you find yourself in stranger´s private property.

Quick look over the room refers that the owner of the place deals with some creepy things. You are heading to exit, but suddenly the door closes and the lights go off.

You find your way to window. Removing blinds from window gives some light into the room. At the same time you notice that the owner has arrived back home.

Having murderous owner outside, gives you only one though – you have to escape and fast! The doorhandle brakes when you are trying to open the door for a runaway.

Instead of coming in the owner starts to chop woods front of the cottage. But you can also notice that this job will occupy him only for an half an hour, cause there is not too many woods to chop.

Starts 30 tense minutes to find connections between complicated hints and to open the door. Everything have to happen in total silence – remember, creepy owner is working just behind the window!

Where Exit Room can be suitable?

Exit Room suits the best together with other adventurous activities or as main activity for smaller events. It matches especially with Discgolf or Rube Goldberg´s machine development, because then you can do different activities by turns. Or you can take Exit Room for one big event as attraction which continuous all day long.

How to escape from Exit Room?

In the room there will be 2-5 people at a time.  There is only 30 minutes to escape. You need to solve different mysteries and find the exit from the room! 

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