The Spikeri Quarter is perfect for holding events


Spikeri quarter is the perfect place to hold art, culture, sports and other public events and activities. This quarter is one of the city’s epicentres for events and cultural festivals.

Spikeri Quarter is a complex of buildings between Maskavas, Turgeņeva and  Krasta streets. Renovated Spikeri promenade extends between the old Railway bridge to the Island bridge support.

This quarter is one of the city’s epicentres of events and cultural festivals like White Nights, Staro Riga, Riga City Festival. Year when Riga is the European Capital of Culture, Spikeri Quarter cooperates with the foundation “Riga 2014″.
Despite the participation of major festivals, other larger and smaller outdoor events (see Events) also takes place in here. Spikeri quarter has always been and will be open to a variety of measures.

Spikeri are proud of its residents, which combines cultural and creative industries, restaurants and cafes,concert hall, collaboration spaces and clusters, as well as creative offices and staff.

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