Private race day at the Tallinn Hippodrome


Come and have an exciting private race day at the legendary Tallinn Hippodrome! The hippodrome will have six horses and carriages ready with professional instructors, and all guests will be able to race themselves.

Start off with a short introduction to the history of the hippodrome, the horses, and the programme for the race day. At the beginning of the day, guests register for each race, choosing the race and horse number they want.

In the competition the six horses with special two-seater carriages will make six races and a final, meaning 36 people can join in the races.

Participants will be kitted out with riding clothes, helmets and goggles. The horses gather at the starting line with the guests sitting next to the professional instructor in the carriage. Full security is provided and no previous experience of racing is needed.

After each race there is a winning ceremony with fanfares and prizes.

While six group members are racing in arena, all the other guests can place bets for a nominal value of 1 EUR.

For more information and to make a booking please contact us by e-mail or call +372 626 6233.