Culture & Traditions


Shopping tour for art and handicraft in Tallinn

This is a great introduction to the rich tradition of Estonian arts and handicrafts. On the tour, you will be able to buy works directly from the artists or simply watch the artists at work. You will visit the Katariina Guild, a collection of different workshops along one lively street. Here artists create jewellery, patchwork, ceramics, stained glass, glassware and hats. After the shopping tour you will be offered lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.


Team-building at KUMU Art Museum

“KUMU Code” takes place at the KUMU Art Museum in Tallinn. KUMU Code is an exciting team game of hide-and-seek that challenges detective skills, understanding and attentiveness. The game provides an overview of Estonian art history and modern art, and the aim of the game is to break the code. Afterwards players are invited for a cup of coffee and refreshments. The winners will get a small gift from the museum’s gift selection.
Estonian Wedding

Take part in a traditional Estonian wedding party! The programme includes games, dances, fortune telling, music and other interactive activities. All party guests will get a role in the wedding. There will be bride and bridegroom, mothers-in-law, fathers-in-law, groomsmen, doctor, uninvited guests…


Local Beer and Wine Tasting

Enjoy the best of Estonian beer and wine. Estonians have a long tradition of making beer, with breweries working here since the 13th century, and we can offer you a wide choice of different beers. Although we have no grapes growing in Estonia, we still are able to make wine, and the wine made in Estonia tastes quite different from anything you have tasted before. Have you ever tasted cherry, strawberry, blueberry, blackcurrant, apple or red currant wine?


Song and Dance Celebration

The Song Celebration tradition started in the middle of the 19th century and it has evolved into a tradition that still flourishes today. Song and Dance Celebrations were not just big festivals of singing and music but a way to demonstrate the national spirit. The total number of performers in the last Song and Dance Celebration in 2004 was 34 000 and they performed before an audience of 200 000. The next nationwide Song and Dance Celebration in Tallinn will take place in 2009. Come and celebrate in our national style and get a real picture of the Baltic way of partying.


Smoke Sauna

Smoke saunas are usually built in the old style and do not have a chimney. The smoke was let out of the doors and the walls inside were covered with a glistening black layer of soot. The sauna had an important place in the life of the family, and was the place where women usually gave birth to their children. Complete your sauna evening with fishing and a barbecue.