Loquiz – innovative team game


Loquiz is an innovative team game that takes place on the streets of Tallinn Old Town. The goal of the game is to reach the finish, having given the least possible number of answers to the questions.

To succeed in the game, the team members should discuss the possible moves at the start and create a strategy. The game is different from a regular quiz – the team that wins is the one that answers the fewest questions! At every point, the computer will pose a question and also provide multiple-choice answers.

The right tactics and good teamwork are essential! Some correct answers allow the team to move 14 steps forward and some only one. When to give the right answer and when to give the wrong one?!

Every team gets a large-screen tablet computer, which provides the directions for moving around Old Town. It will pose the questions, display information about the historical sites and direct the player on.