Activities on Neringa peninsula


Neringa peninsula is the most prestigious holiday destination in Lithuania, with unique scenery which is on the UNESCO world heritage list. For those who do not see their holiday as just lying on the beach, Neringa has a lot more to offer.

Hiking Tour “At Sunrise”

Duration: approx. 5.5 hours.
The tour requires min 4 participants.
Starting time: 5.00 a.m. in Nida.
This is an exclusive tour for those who want to experience the natural pulse of the Curonian Spit. We will start walking at 5 o”clock, taking in the scenery of the peninsula. We will walk along the Curonian Lagoon shores, observing the birds as they wake and we will go into the forests where elks, deer and wild boars hide. After breakfast in Bulvikio Cape we will visit Vecekrugo Hill, the highest and one of the most picturesque spots in the Curonian Spit. Having passed Preila we will visit the place where the former Karvaièiø settlement was covered by the sand and you will hear the story of Karvaièiai village and some of the legends of the place. We will return to Nida by bus.

Canoe Tour “Dead Dunes”

Route: Pervalka – Dead Dunes (Nagliø nature reserve) – Juodkrantë (14 km)
Duration: approx. 5.5 hours.
The tour runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays (min. 4 participants). Reservation 24 hours prior to the tour is needed.
Starting time: 9.30 a.m. in Nida.
This is a unique water route, because the largest part of it lies by the Nagliø nature reserve, where walking is forbidden. At the beginning of the tour we will paddle towards the old Pervalka lighthouse which stands in the water. After having passed the Þirgø (Horses’) Cape we will see the scenic landscapes of the Dead Dunes and reach the Nagliø Cape where we will have a picnic. Afterwards we will pass the legendary Drimzako Bay and reach the Avies Kulno (Sheep’s heel) Cape. From here we will be able to see the biggest colony of great cormorants and grey herons in Europe: over 3000 pairs of these birds breed here. The tour will end in Juodkrantë, from where we will return to Nida by bus.

Note: No experience needed to go on this tour. If there is a north wind, the tour starts in Juodkrantë. We always paddle downwind!

Cycling Tour “Between the Woods and the Sands”

Route: Nida – Preila – Pervalka – Dead Dunes (Nagliø nature reservation) – Juodkrantë (32 km) Duration: approx. 6 hours.
Reservation 24 hours prior to the tour is needed (min 4 participants). Starting time: 10.00 a.m. in Nida.

On this tour we will discover the Curonian Spit following the winding cycling path through the woods and bays. We will visit the highest hill of the Curonian Spit the Vecekrugo Hill (67,2 m), which formerly was a big sand dune that threatened to descend on Preila settlements. Later we will visit the place where the former Karvaièiø settlement was covered by the sand, even though it was one of the biggest settlements on the Curonian Spit. Having passed Pervalka we will take the trail to Nagliø Dune in the Nagliø nature reserve. Afterwards the cycle path will follow the sea shore, where we will have a dip in the sea. We will reach Juodkrantë, the oldest fishing settlement, surrounded by ancient forests and undisturbed nature. At the end of the tour we will observe the biggest colony of great cormorants and grey herons in Europe. We will return to Nida by bus.

Price: 32 EUR / per person. The price includes: group leader, rent and transfer of bicycles, picnic, transfer back to Nida from Juodkrantë.

Blokart Adventure

Do you know that it is possible to sail on land? Using the unique blokart vehicle that was invented in New Zealand this is a reality. You can take blokarting lessons, blokart by yourself and even compete with others. Mostly we sail on an unused asphalt airfield in Nida. Our qualified instructors will show you how simple is to handle a blokart, and after a few minutes you will be able to manoeuvre the blokart by yourself and will chase the wind with a feeling of freedom and fun.

Sailing in the Curonian Lagoon

When the sun shines so brightly and you are in the famous Lithuanian resort Neringa, it is really tempting to admire the natural beauty from the water. Travel by yacht, passenger ship, motorboat or an ancient Curonian boat together with your family, friends or colleagues. The beautiful scenery and refreshing wind while sailing are not the only things worth experiencing. Book an educational tour on a boat trip and visit one of the most unique fishing villages, known as the Lithuanian Venice, where the only street connecting people is the river and the only means of transport is boats. Enjoy a picnic on the shore with delicious fish dishes prepared by the crew or try fishing yourself. Private celebrations, parties, conferences and picnics do not necessarily have to be in a restaurant on land, they can be on board as well!

For more information and to make a booking please contact us by e-mail or call +370 5 2125 803.