Experience Medieval Ages in castles and palaces of Latvia



Apart from general information about the history and Medieval Ages, the Latvian Medieval castles and palaces  also offer their visitors to experience the Medieval Ages’ traditions and life style by going on thematic tours and taking part in various Medieval activities. Enjoy historical aura, luxuries of the Medieval period, and recreational opportunities off the beaten track! 

Bauska Castle invites visitors to explore the recreational opportunities of a medieval lord’s court in the 16th and 17th centuries – games, tabletop games, smoking “Dutch” pipe, the fashion of the period and dressing etiquette, dance and music. Visitors can also have a meal prepared according to period recipes and served in tableware made according to fragments found during archaeological excavations in the area.

Livonian Order’s Castle in Sigulda offers explicit and historically active journey through everyday life of Livonian Order’s Brotherhood. Visitors will discover how the inner structure of the Order was formed and how it functioned in reality;  Order’s brothers and servants dressing style and arms, as well as everyday life and military campaigns of the Order’s brotherhood.

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