Come visit Manor of Pakruojis — one of the most popular outdoor tourist attractions in Lithuania


Pakruojis Manor, built in the Classical style, is the largest complex of manor buildings in Lithuania to have survived to the present day, and it is listed in the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Register and the Lithuanian Record Book as the largest protected manor homestead.

The most notable features of the manor are a splendid two-storey palace, the cosy hotel Stadala nearby, a highland cuisine restaurant Traktierius, an eye-catching arched bridge (the only one of its kind in Lithuania), wind and water mills, a forge, and an old park.

The newly renovated manor includes Lithuania’s only Museum of Punishment under Serfdom, and a wardrobe where guests can dress in costume and watch interactive performances and participate in theatrical tours. As it lies on the main Vilnius-Riga road, the manor has become one of most popular attractions in Lithuania.

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