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The Baltic States – friendly, safe and relaxing.

Come and discover the three Baltic countries – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – prodigal sons that have returned to the European Community. They are often grouped together as the Baltic States, or Baltic Nations.

The Baltics are considered to be scarcely populated countries of nature, amber and medieval cities, many of them former members of the Hanseatic League. Although they each are small in territory and population, they have shown an incredible to hold on to their unique languages and cultures for several thousand years. After 50 years of Soviet occupation, the Baltic countries regained independence in 1991 and became EU members in May 2004.

In the course of history, political developments affected the countries differently, especially in the area of religion. Estonia and Latvia were conquered by German crusades. As a result, the two countries are mainly Lutheran. But in Lithuania, through a royal marriage arrangement with Poland, the population was converted to Roman Catholicism.

Each Baltic nation as its own culture, ethnography and traditions. And, of course, cuisine – though similar at the first glimpse the tastes differ from country to country.

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The Baltic States The Baltic States –
Friendly, safe and relaxing

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Die Baltischen Staaten –
Freundlich, lebensfroh und zukunftsoffen

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I Paesi Baltici –
Amichevoli, sicuri e rilassanti

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Los Estados Bálticos –
Acogedores, seguros, relajantes

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