Yes, if you really want a surprising destination: choose Estonia. We can’t wait to reveal you our secrets! We can offer you a fabulous mixture of rich cultural heritage, beautiful unspoilt nature and centuries-old history.

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Tallinn, the medieval capital of Estonia, is the best-known tourist magnet of Estonia. Due to Tallinn´s grand history and superb architecture it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Estonia offers a good supply of culture. The country is famed for its song festival tradition, which reaches back more than a century. Folk music festivals, opera, concerts, art exhibitions and several museums – there is a lot to be included in incentive programmes. Majestic manor houses and castles all over the country are fine examples of feudal architecture.

Estonian nature is better preserved than that in most Western countries. Estonia stands out in Europe for its biodiversity. The islands and islets of the Western coast form a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of the West-Estonian Archipelago, which is a home to over 1,000 species of plants. Millions of migrating water and coastal birds pass Estonian coasts every year.

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The Romantic West Coast is the most interesting part of Estonia. The islands Hiiumaa and Saaremaa with wooden windmills and juniper fields, lighthouses, ruined churches, thatched villages and white sandy beaches offer an interesting background to several incentive programmes.

The rolling hills, sparkling lakes and streams and primitive forests of Southern Estonia are very popular both in summer and in winter. In winter it is Estonia´s ski paradise, summer visitors can enjoy hiking, bike, canoe and horseback riding, fishing and camping.

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The Northern Estonia offers flat landscapes. The national park of Lahemaa 60 kms from Tallinn with its forests, unique alvar meadows, swamps and neo-classicist manor houses is an ideal site for nature lovers.

The more to the west from Tallinn you go, the more you discover mixture of two cultures, Estonian and Russian. In Narva a visitor can witness the most awesome confrontation of two great fortresses across the Narva River: Narva Fortress in Estonia and Ivangorod Fortress on The Russian bank.

Since our independence in 1991 we have worked hard to be able to offer you the same service standard you are used to in your own country. And we are proud to inform you that Estonia is not only exciting and attractive but also a safe destination with excellent communication links to all over the world.

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